Learning And Using Self Hypnosis:

Throughout your life there are times when you will want to use self-hypnosis for relaxation before an unexpected speech or some other unforeseen situation where you need to perform relaxed and at your best. Other examples maybe when you have to control pain or anxiety levels very quickly at short notice. Self-hypnosis is great for changing negative thoughts into positive ones for a better outlook on life, help advance your career through personal inspirational motivation thereby gaining more self-confidence. Students in school can use self-hypnosis to memorize quickly and prepare for exams and be relaxed when taking the exam . Self-hypnosis is a fantastic tool to have in your tool box of life since you can use it for so many different areas of your life and begin to realize almost anything is possible.

The more you experience anything the quicker and easier it becomes. Learning self-hypnosis is like clearing a path through a forest. The more that path is cleared, the easier and quicker it is to travel down it.

In the class I teach, you will learn the skills how to be able to induce a self-hypnosis state whenever you want to use it. You will learn that the self-hypnosis state is at first hardly, if at all recognizable. While in this state you will hear everything around you but feel as if you are in a daydreaming state of total relaxation. You might find your mind wandering, and you may feel a tingling sensations in your fingers or toes. Each individual may feel a different sensation, but these feelings are natural to self-hypnosis. You will learn how to bring yourself out of the hypnosis state easily and quickly.

Classes meet one night a week for four weeks and class materials will be provided. Between each class, you practice at home and the following week we will discuss your successes or any difficulties you may have encountered. Each week will build on the previous week for a greater learning experience, a deeper self-hypnotic experience and by using self-hypnosis you will discover a more fulfilling, enjoyable and richer life.

For any questions, times and schedules of classes, please feel free to contact me at: 1-818-454-4544.