My name is Stephen Louis Grossman and I have been involved with hypnosis and hypnotherapy for 35 years. I started learning hypnosis through Pat Collins who was famous for doing Stage Hypnosis, a comedy show, at the Celebrity Club on the Sunset Strip in West Los Angeles. After the show, she offered to teach a class one night a week over a few weeks in self-hypnosis and that then started my career since I progressed immediately from self-hypnosis to hypnotherapy. I have degrees from world famous hypnotherapist such as Gil Boyne and the school originally started by John Kappas and now run by his son George Kappas.

Over the years I have assisted others in solving various personal situations with total success. In order to succeed, the client has to be "Ready For Change" when they visit me for whatever their situation is. Believe it or not, there are about 146 different situations that hypnotherapy can assist with. When a client comes to see me, they may have one or two or several various situations that we work on to resolve or diminish each one individually.


I potentially differ in my approach after the first session than other hypnotherapists, since I may choose, depending on the circumstances of you, my client, to either use hypnosis during part of our session (s) or possibly just allow you to discuss your feelings as I listen and give ideas to assist you. Sometimes, clients just want to have an independent third party really listen to them and help them resolve their situation (s). However, hypnosis works very fast, so it becomes very beneficial to use it as part of our session. So I do both for the client, hypnotherapy and counseling.

My main purpose besides assisting you to succeed at whatever reason or reasons you came to see me is the trust you and I build up between us. This is the most important part of working together. I will make sure you are relaxed and feel comfortable and regardless of what your situation (s) is, I never judge or make any judgments of my clients. Thus you are totally free to discuss anything and everything without worrying about being embarrassed or being judge. Being a hypnotherapist, one should never be judgmental in my opinion.

Did you know in most all cases you actually have the answers to your situation (s), but they maybe buried deep in your subconscious mind. (Refer To My Homepage Video) I will assist you to find those answers in a very comfortable and painless way so when your therapy is completed, you feel accomplished, happy, self-confident and ready to lead a better life than when you first met me.


Everything I do with a client is done strictly in confidence and all files are kept with me so no other human eyes can see your file.


During our first session, you fill out various forms and then we discuss in more detail why you are here to see me? I will explain how hypnosis works, how easy it is to enter the hypnotic state and finally let you experience the state of hypnosis. Starting the following week, the actual work begins. This first session can take anywhere from one to one and a half hours. Other sessions normally run 45 to 60 minutes.


Some sites have testimonials and I thought about that, but my feelings are maybe they are or are not all real and are used to basically help promote the hypnotherapist. My feelings are, if a client comes to see me, why would you want your name on their therapist's site for many to see? Granted some may just use their first name or an initial for their last name, but because I am a strong believer in TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY, I decided from my own personal view point, that is just not the way I want to do business. You are the one whose most important today and not someone from the past nor does the whole world need to see you or hear about you in the future. Total Confidentiality is my motto.

Looking forward to hearing from you,